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Owner | Founder


I started collecting sports cards with my Dad when I was 10 years old. My first card I ever collected was the 1987 Topps Mark McGwire Rookie Card. I loved those cards and my Dad helped me put together that set.

My Dad passed away a little more than a year after we completed that set. I was only 11 years old and I was heartbroken.
Sports cards became my passion and the way I stayed connected to my dad. Over the course of the next 30+ years, I went from kid collector, to eBay seller, to owning a card shop. Throughout my entire life, I've always done this to honor my father and the love we had for sports and the love we had for each other.

For the past ten years, I have worked with many athletes and representing them for autograph events and appearances. I've represented players like Jason Williams, Horace Grant, Malik Monk, John Taylor as well as Hall of Famers like Alex English, Dan Issel, Artis Gilmore and many more. 

In 2021, me and my business partner Shane Westhoelter opened True Sports Cards and Collectibles in Rocklin, CA. Our focus was a community based card shop that specialized in a family friendly store that serves not only the Sacramento market, but all of Northern California. 

In late 2022, we put on our first card show in Rocklin, CA to a great response from the community. As our first show that I put on, I learned a lot of what TO DO and what NOT TO DO. One thing I did learn was to listen to the customers. And they wanted a show that was different and unique than any other local show. 


In between our first and second Sacramento Autograph EXPO, we decided to have in store autograph signings. While a few... 









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